Meet & Greet with Dita Von Teese: Her Secret To Travelling In Style!

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It’s not every day you come face-to-face with someone who has influenced so much of your own passions, style and hobbies; but last night I got to meet the Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese!

Having first spotted a picture of Dita in my early teens, she soon became a huge style icon and influencer in all things Pinup! I had seen Dita’s show in Australia back in 2016, but was unable to afford a Meet & Greet session at the time. When The Art Of The Teese Australian Tour was announced, I immediately decided that this was the time I would meet Dita! 

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I rushed home from a regular Tuesday at work to do my hair and makeup - my go-to waves and pinup pout. After considering a few options for my outfit, I opted for the Hellbunny Emerald Green dress that I’ve had for years. This dress has always been my go-to for burlesque shows, so it only seemed fitting to wear it to the ULTIMATE burlesque evening. I was flattered to get many compliments on it, from both friends and strangers.

The show was truly a spectacle! The supporting act of Australian burlesque star Zelia Rose took my breath away, and seeing legend Dirty Martini perform again was a real treat. Ginger Valentine is now high on my favourites list! That body!!

Dita herself was flawless and captivating. Seeing iconic acts like 'Lazy' and the Western act was so inspiring! I kept thinking, ‘How can I incorporate this amount of glamour into my life?!’

Host Jonny McGovern was a blast and kept the whole show running seamlessly!

After the show I lined up for the Meet & Greet, and chatted to her lovely assistant before being ushered into the room to meet Dita.

... and all of a sudden, boom! There Dita was, in the flesh, looking straight at me! With a friendly smile she invited me to sit next to her for a photo, and then headed to a table nearby for signing. 

They allowed guests to take in items to be signed, so I took my beloved ‘Your Beauty Mark’ book. We all also received a poster that would be signed too.

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I asked for my poster to be made out to ‘Kelly The Flying Pinup’, and when Dita saw it she asked if I flew! I explained that I was in the early stages of learning, and my involvement with warbirds. 

I asked her, ‘With all of your travelling, how do you do it in such style? How do you stay glamorous on a plane?’

She replied, "I’m so used to travelling now! I fly all the time these days... but I have my secrets! I wear a big coat to the airport and keep something comfy underneath for the plane. I make sure I pack all my comforts to have with me for the flight"

I expressed my gratitude for the signed book and poster, and I was out of there!

My brief moment with Dita will be something I remember forever. 
Thanks for bringing The Art of the Teese to Australia, Dita Von Teese! 

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Kelly Forbes