Top Tinder Tips for the Traditional Dater


It's no secret that Nick and I met on Tinder, and every time we tell someone the response is always "What?! Seriously?!"

For two very traditional kids - both with a love of all things a little old fashioned - it's honestly the last place we both thought we'd find someone a bit special.

The real shock is that Tinder sometimes does work - really, really well.

To celebrate my lucky catch of the century, here are my Top Tinder Tips for the traditional dater.

Be honest about your intentions
Clickbait doesn't work on Tinder because eventually, you have to meet them. Whether you're after a hook up, a companion or a wedding in a week, let them know at the start.

Give it time to develop
Let the conversation roll a little. Once the Q&A game is over, you'll soon find out if you'll have a conversation potential. (Don't do what I did though and wait 2 months to reply. I logged out and forgot about the app... My bad babe!)

Share your lifestyle and hobbies
You're probably going to want to find someone who will hang out with you on the weekends and join in on the things you love. Being enthusiastic about each other's interests helps a lot.

Stand out from the rest
Try something different than the usual 3-day 'Hi' stand-off. Lure your matches in by ONLY using emoticons to make conversation. You'd be surprised how far you get with only the 'rose' and 'blushing smile' emoji.

Don't take it so seriously
Whether you're after a snuggle buddy or 'the one', if you take Tinder too seriously it won't work. Embrace it as an opportunity to learn about all kinds of people and the way they live life. It'll keep you open-minded!

Normal dating rules apply
Don't discount a date just because it came from Tinder. Dress nicely, turn up early and be excited! And don't just assume that the other person is only there for a hook-up.

Most importantly kiddies, be safe. And boys, no more fishing trip pictures FFS!


Kelly Forbes