Tips and Tricks: Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup Competition Application


Being involved in the Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup competition has always been at the top of my list of pinup goals. I remember each year checking in on who had entered, and what fabulous dresses each contestant wore.

Over the years I would read the application forms on the Viva Las Vegas website and learn about each pinup. Every answer in the application gave huge insight into who that pinup was, why she was entering and what she would bring to the VLV stage.

When it was my turn to apply at the end of 2017, I have to admit I was beyond ready. I decided to enter in June, when applications only opened in September, so I was over-prepared. I remember finding the previous year’s application on the website and over the course of those 3 months I wrote out my answers.

Fast forward to January 2018 and I found out I was successful in securing a Judges Top 6 pick on my first year of applying – something that quite literally had me in shock for a good couple of weeks.

After being asked quite a lot about how I did it, check out my tips on how to rock your Miss VLV application form (or any pinup comp application for that matter!).

You can also check out my exact Miss VLV 21 Application here.

♦ Know what makes you stand out
Identifying why you are different to the other 200-odd pinups who are applying is absolutely key. Perhaps you have a fantastic skill, an unbelievable story or an unusual hobby?

♦ Show your dedication
Illustrate in your answers how much you love the pinup/kustom culture/rockabilly lifestyle. Tell the judges how pinup is a part of your life

♦ Tell the judges why you are worthy of the Miss VLV experience
VLV is the big-time! Thousands of women wear vintage reproduction clothes and style their hair in victory rolls every day, and VLV really is the crème of the crop. Try to think about why you, of all applicants, deserve the experience of rocking the VLV stage. Try to express what you will bring to the stage beyond hair and makeup.

♦ Don’t just wing it
Your unique and inspiring points might start to be overlooked if your application answers are riddled with spelling mistakes. Allow yourself plenty of time to write out your answers, save it, and then come back at the later date to edit it. Revisiting your answers before submitting them gives you the time to revise, add more and ensure you are putting your best answers forward.

♦ Picture Perfect
Be sure to select great photos that not only put your best foot forward, but also represent who you are. Include your hobby, or your pinup ‘persona theme’. Think colours that are going to capture the judges attention, and poses/settings/styles that will be different to what they have seen over and over again.

Never be discouraged
New to the scene? Didn’t get in on your first try? Not feeling 100% confident? Just do it anyway! You have nothing to lose in applying for the contest. In fact, all applicants are invited to join a Facebook group for everyone who entered and it is truly rewarding to simply be included in such an amazing group of women.

Miss Viva Las Vegas Pinup Contest is hosted by Rockwell De'Vil at the annual Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend. Check out the VLV website for more information.

Kelly Forbes